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Sounds (486 views)
by Bryan Costales
© 2009 Bryan Costales
Creative Commons License

Acrid mold wetted by mud and persistent rain leaked in at the seams of the white canvas tent. Dr. Flender wrinkled his whiskered face at the stink and listened to static on loose headphones. Homeless ants crawled over the folding table in a line across a worn star pattern. "I only hear static," he mumbled to the Sheriff. "I can't tell what the growling is. It's too soft against the noise."

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Survivor (286 views)
by Bryan Costales
(8 of 11) Mona Shotzki took her husband Dan's hand. It felt cold to her despite his gloves. They stood with other neighbors behind yellow police tape. They were both bundled against the night's slushy cold.
Birthday (208 views)
by Bryan Costales
(9 of 11) On her sixteenth birthday Debbie Hanks climbed the hill behind her house in the dark just before sunrise. The morning was chilly but not cold. She walked easily up the modest hill despite the high
Ace (688 views)
by Bryan Costales
(10 of 11) Unalaska Island and the town of Dutch Harbor lay in the middle of the string of Aleutian Islands that dribble toward Russia off the tip of Alaska. Fran Corbran walked uphill to the cemetery one last
Candy (235 views)
by Bryan Costales
(11 of 11) "Did you hear about the Wilson boy?" Jenny Blane asked, just to keep from being bored while waiting in line outside the hospital. Norma MacTailor, Jenny's friend, said, "I heard he found one of
Adieu (324 views)
by Bryan Costales
(1 of 11) Firmly strapped flat on his back, David couldn't move so he tried to remember instead. Yes, before college he had believed love was endlessly renewable. That was until the day gin had caused ice to
Grassy Shore (800 views)
by Bryan Costales
(2 of 11) Doris and her husband Herb sat on the grassy river shore along with Herb's mother and sister. Doris smelled potatoes grilling on the little hibachi her mother-in-law, Momma Lowery, always brought
Pluck (233 views)
by Bryan Costales
(3 of 11) More than botanic because of gene manipulation gone wrong, it beat ten thousand tiny hearts and invaded walls to eat. Cockroach meals and wood and mold between studs of one home, and then ten homes,
No-longer-living (559 views)
by Bryan Costales
(4 of 11) On the Twitter search page, Wendy-56 entered ?ghosts,? and hit the RETURN key. A column of tiny square images, like little soldiers, dutifully lined up the on the left side of her Firefox window.
Harry (230 views)
by Bryan Costales
(5 of 11) Afternoon light dappled by outside leaves scattered shadows across her hospital sheets. The hospital reeked strongly of disinfectant. His mother opened her eyes and said, "Is that you, Harry"? Harry
Cell-Phone (298 views)
by Bryan Costales
(6 of 11) Alf Dagger was a reporter who specialized in hot technologies. Ever discreet, he visited the cell phone store early before it opened for the regular public. Today's story would be about the hottest