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A science fiction short story

© 2010 Bryan Costales
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Johnny Saturday imagined a mixed up past. Was it possible for a compurter program to find love?

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Squeaky Wheel (Scribd 1074 reads in 0 days, 1074/day)
by Bryan Costales
(8 of 18) Homeless Joe finds a present that was dropped by a man using an umbrella as a cane. Whose birthday is it or will it turn out to be?
Monster In The Toilet (Scribd 1956 reads in 0 days, 1956/day)
by Bryan Costales
(9 of 18) A growth on Steve's back turned out to be far stranger then either he or his wife June could imagine. A horror story by Bryan Costales
Ten Minute Bus (Scribd 756 reads in 0 days, 756/day)
by Bryan Costales
(10 of 18) Sally waited for her drunk husband to pick her up at a bus stop. The digital display in the bus stop made her think of divorce.
By A Laundromat (Scribd 720 reads in 0 days, 720/day)
by Bryan Costales
(11 of 18) April goes to a laundromat to dry her clothes because her dryer is broken. While there, a prior lover tries to fix her up with a blind date with unexpected consequences.
Boot Hill (Scribd 935 reads in 0 days, 935/day)
by Bryan Costales
(12 of 18) A young boy finds a way to escape and saves the People from a horrible death. His rebirth does not save his brother, however, who suffers from too much guilt.
Luciana Bell Unrung (Scribd 901 reads in 0 days, 901/day)
by Bryan Costales
(13 of 18) The interviewer discovers that the old man being interviewed was the pilot who flew the poet Juan Bola to safety. During the interview we find out about the love and loss of Juan and how his life
First Day (Scribd 762 reads in 0 days, 762/day)
by Bryan Costales
(14 of 18) Two children are raised and taught by a wall and a bust of George Washington. Their world ends as foretold by a clown's balloon but not before their parents were reabsorbed into the Never Was.
Not Fishing (Scribd 1047 reads in 0 days, 1047/day)
by Bryan Costales
(15 of 18) A city man visits an old friend in Oklahoma. He tries to reconnect to his most distant and least good and only remaining friend. Too bad his friend has cancer.
Billy Remembered (Scribd 995 reads in 0 days, 995/day)
by Bryan Costales
(16 of 18) Darcy is pursued by two drunk New York punks through the streets of Key West, all the while remembering the death of her brother Billy at the hands of her father.
Birthday Puppy (Scribd 888 reads in 0 days, 888/day)
by Bryan Costales
(17 of 18) Christi imbibes absinthe on her 30th birthday. Then, she and two friends hitchhike to an art opening and party. Along the way, her sense of time becomes discarded on the cutting room floor, she
Alpha Card (Scribd 1109 reads in 0 days, 1109/day)
by Bryan Costales
(18 of 18) Linda shows Jim a new card that allows him to view and interact with the dead. Linda uses it to visit her dead father. Jim finds that the card has flaws.
Do Laundry (Scribd 1230 reads in 0 days, 1230/day)
by Bryan Costales
(1 of 18) One day Vicky didn't come home and the world as he saw it changed.
Unfortunate Breaks (Scribd 1199 reads in 0 days, 1199/day)
by Bryan Costales
(2 of 18) Joel and his wife are in a traffic accident on Halloween night. Two years later Joel walks with his cane to view the sunset and meets a woman instead. Should he have hit the brakes or not?
Pencil Drawn Mouse (Scribd 1848 reads in 0 days, 1848/day)
by Bryan Costales
(3 of 18) Johnny found a free bike with oddly resonant strings attached. While songs echoed in his mind, he searched for the woman with the voice of Minnie Mouse.
Lilacs and Roses (Scribd 1342 reads in 0 days, 1342/day)
by Bryan Costales
(4 of 18) Joan's lives appeared to be for nothing. Sure she could remember her earlier lives, but they didn't matter for hundreds of year. Yet when they finally mattered, she became a hero. (Revised and
The Locked Dog Mystery (Scribd 1363 reads in 0 days, 1363/day)
by Bryan Costales
(5 of 18)        Cynthia disliked dogs because she had been bitten twice. One dog bit her nose when she was just a child, because she had been teasing her neighbors bulldog.
Maybe Ella's Ghost (Scribd 4202 reads in 0 days, 4202/day)
by Bryan Costales
(6 of 18) Robert descended beneath the level of gulls and into a cold wet darkness where only the sound of twin diesels fled. His cheeks puffed, a need of pure habit as he held his breath. The water was a