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Framed (605 views)
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© 2011 Denver Welte
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Frame of mind

Framed my mind

Four corners, sealed inside

Sheet of glass hard to pass

Dust settles and turns to ash

Burn my past, flames surpass

Break the glass

I'm free at last

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Frozen (575 views)
by Denver Welte
(12 of 14) Surprise. It's me. I haven't fallen yet. Caught by my own translucent little net. Surprise. It's me. And I don't carry that regret. You say, "Don't assume, it's not in our teachings." Then why
Never Enough (542 views)
by Denver Welte
(13 of 14) Too much is never enough for someone like me One too many, I'll never know the phrase I'll take the cake and quickly bake Another one in its place Smoke 'em all and need some more Before I even
I Do (563 views)
by Denver Welte
(14 of 14) You say that you're true, you love me and I'm sure you do. Thanks for the trips, the hotels, the kisses you left on my skin. Only to leave and make me Miss you again. Thanks for the