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Tiny Pebbles (533 views)
© 2010 Denver Welte
Creative Commons License

I closed my eyes and searched for silence

I felt tiny pebbles beneath my feet

I looked down at them and they started talking to me

They wondered why I searched
for something they could not see

Why I would take the time, make the time
for something so seemingly silly

I smiled in response as their wonder made me think

Well my tiny friends the answer isn't bleak

Simply said there's more to life
than tiny pebbles beneath my feet

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Today (465 views)
by Denver Welte
(36 of 42)   Today I can see I can hear I can breath I can feel your arms wraped around me Today I can smell the scent of your skin so well Today I can kiss you Taste you Love you Today you are
Butterfly (429 views)
by Denver Welte
(37 of 42) A butterfly landed on my nose I flinched and crinkled my toes It opened its wings and gave me a show Showed me things I didn't know As it flew away I couldn't even blink So beautiful I shook my
Realize (437 views)
by Denver Welte
(38 of 42) The first time I really looked into your eyes It took a while to realize what I as getting into You were truely nice to me when you didn't have to be I tried to resist the love you were showing
If You Knew Me (414 views)
by Denver Welte
(39 of 42) If you knew me you'd probably know that I'm a sweetheart and it shows If you knew me you'd see a girly girl who likes to strike a pose If you knew me you'd show interest in everything I
Step-In (412 views)
by Denver Welte
(40 of 42) A cloudy room filled with devastation. Breathe in the condensation. Fill your mind. Fill your head. Who knew there was so much space. Tiny pictures, all mixed up. Place them in a plastic
Snowed In (437 views)
by Denver Welte
(41 of 42) On a plane A new beginning out of the rain. Fly, fly, fly away. Escape to live another day. Everything's fine everything's great. La, La, La-la live to play. Yet slowly drift away. Didn't even
What Can It Be? (488 views)
by Denver Welte
(42 of 42) Squishy, squashy, ooey, gooey red and bluey what can it be? stretchy, strong, short and long what can it be? green, orange, pink, blue I don't know do you? chewey sweet and tart I know! I know! I
Christmas Kitty (455 views)
by Denver Welte
(1 of 42) Four years agos this Chirstmas you climbed up a tree. So adorable and small you belonged to me. Such a gift you were my little Christmas kitty. A few years have passed now. I had to go away, I
Fear (463 views)
by Denver Welte
(2 of 42) You keep me chained in a what-if wonderland. Bouncing bad ideas off my head hoping one might stick. Still with me when I sleep, nightmares so dark so deep. I've forgotten what it feels like to just
Walk Away (387 views)
by Denver Welte
(3 of 42) To watch you walk away from me Gets harder every time. Now that our souls have had the chance To truely interwrine. You gaze at me silently As I read your mind. You say the words I knew you
Confusion (341 views)
by Denver Welte
(4 of 42) You gave all your love to me Before I was ready to take it Shallow waters flow deep Dancing on clouds it was all an illusion Confusion made me, me One day it came like steady flowing rain The
Tortured (455 views)
by Denver Welte
(5 of 42) Tortured soul didn't have a chance. Born with the pain, you couldn't remember from the past brought from the last. Trying to retrieve those memories, run them out before they take you over and
Say Hey (379 views)
by Denver Welte
(6 of 42) Say Hey. Say Hey, City by the bay. Like birds of a feather we flock together To sit and watch them play. Fear the beard Can't take the Cain Our boys are busting ass. Let's smoke Texas like
Giving In (387 views)
by Denver Welte
(7 of 42) The first time I looked, it wasn't long until I found you. Starving for attention, you eased my perception. I ate you up destructively. You fed my fears internally. The days dragged on, the way
Four Dogs (365 views)
by Denver Welte
(8 of 42) Four dogs today. Four dogs all different, completely the same. Short and small, legs barely two inches tall! not very smart, with the biggest heart. I love them all! They'll never know how much
Human (444 views)
by Denver Welte
(9 of 42) Certain people seem to know their place in life. Comfortable in human form. Knew where they were going since they were born. Some lose their way. Take a wrong turn. Just want to play. Escape the
Memories (421 views)
by Denver Welte
(10 of 42) So many memories trapped in one place. Slowly dissipate with each step I take. Once just company, now I lay, I sleep and wake up each and every day. Time has passed, people have passed. New
Melting (360 views)
by Denver Welte
(11 of 42) Soft kisses fall from your lips and dance on my skin. Penetrating the shield I've built from within Melting the hurt, the pain, the tears that I've cried. Letting you in I now feel alive
Bleed (366 views)
by Denver Welte
(12 of 42) Anticipation, irritation consume my every thought Mini Miracles in play as the day trudges by I sit with you on my knee as tears fill my eyes I pinch myself until I bleed My blood is sweet
Far Away (355 views)
by Denver Welte
(13 of 42) Why can't you see the curse you left on me? A burden I'll bear for eternity. The peace of mind I'll strive to find. Keeping you far away For if you get too close, it will be my loss, my
Goodbye (429 views)
by Denver Welte
(14 of 42) Goodbye old friend, old enemy. Remember me! Just one of many. You were there when I was weak. You took my hand, you held my cheek. You told me I wouldn't feel a thing. I trusted you. I followed
Lost (400 views)
by Denver Welte
(15 of 42) Lost inside myself No way out but in Undeniably passive, easily overlooked Pondering what could have, would have, should have been. Wasting precious moments with sin. Trying to fill that empty
Baby Voice (354 views)
by Denver Welte
(16 of 42) Since I was five they've wanted you gone You weren't strong enough Undeniably passive, easily overlooked This baby voice really took Was it the feminine quality I sought? Or something else
Old Into New (403 views)
by Denver Welte
(17 of 42) Starting over and still so young A little strange, a little fun The new me sits on an old stage Waiting for the act to begin The leading man still missing What else is new? I am, I am, does
Hope (415 views)
by Denver Welte
(18 of 42) Just yesterday or a million years ago. It took seemingly endless amounts of tears to fill my soul and float back to the surface. It took so many broken dreams to think that one could actually be
Speak (415 views)
by Denver Welte
(19 of 42) They asked her to speak. She felt like a freak. Was she simply there to amuse them? A side show at best. Yet she couldn't contest. She fed them her lines they said , "Thank you." Are they
Who Am I (432 views)
by Denver Welte
(20 of 42) Who am I if not a girl without my hair so rare and red? Who am I if not blue eyed? Who am I if I don't cover my freckles from side to side? Who am I without the blues purples & pinks placed
Wrong For Trying (408 views)
by Denver Welte
(21 of 42) I saw you lying there on the cold concrete floor I picked you up, hoping to give you more Didn't know quite what to do. I could see on your face, neither did you! As soon as life returned to
by Denver Welte
(22 of 42) The way I felt then is the way that feels best. I wore that way like a medal proud and shiny and new. The way I felt then was so beautiful and true. My dreams needed no thought I just knew
Haunted (404 views)
by Denver Welte
(23 of 42) Sometimes I feel haunted and overstuffed. In this strange body of mine I've had enough. Life is a gift and I should be grateful. I find myself more jaded and wastefull. Hateful in my thoughts,
Free (342 views)
by Denver Welte
(24 of 42) Too many situations running through my head. The outcome's never close to what I've dreamed of in my bed. Oh my God. Turn it off. Just let me be! This mind of mine is playing tricks on
Damn Wind (394 views)
by Denver Welte
(25 of 42) Damn wind go away. I can feel you on my face. You leave my hair an absolute disgrace. Damn wind please leave me alone. I swear you exist to annoy me. Damn wind. Cut you loose and you
Ladybug (442 views)
by Denver Welte
(26 of 42) I saw a ladybug today. The ladybug I saw was stuck on a door. Like it was meant to be there, and it had been there before. The next day there was one on my shoe,
Told What To Do (402 views)
by Denver Welte
(27 of 42) No one likes advice or to be told what to do The thing is this creates a resentment or two Authority comes in many different forms In one way or another we try to conform Employers,
The End (323 views)
by Denver Welte
(28 of 42) Deep breath caged-in unseen life barely heard Take a deep breath, let it all in Swim down the slopes of my twisted within Mingle with the melody of crys never answered Don't speak to the
The Third Floor (391 views)
by Denver Welte
(29 of 42) A little fuzzy when I awoke The fluorescent ceiling too bright for my tired eyes One tiny pill transported me from night to morning With no warning, two women said, "Let's go." Go where? I
The Last Fantastic (372 views)
by Denver Welte
(30 of 42) Many years went by I hadn't given them much thought That last fantastic moment I had almost forgot What a shame to let it slip away So cherished in my heart Still is to this day There's
Last Hurrah (367 views)
by Denver Welte
(31 of 42) A common release burdens us all In with the good, out with a fall Is this really it, the last hurrah? So many years together we've spent What have I gained? Pleasure or pain? Nothing to show
Wake-Up (405 views)
by Denver Welte
(32 of 42) Why do I wake up this way? Not yet ready to face the day? Contemplating things ahead? Can't I just go back to bed? Do I really have to go out there? Put on makeup, comb my hair? Why can't I
So Cold (414 views)
by Denver Welte
(33 of 42) So damn cold A bathtub filled with ice So cold Barely melting Just enough to break free from my skin I don't notice the white hairs attached So cold But it's getting warmer the ice is melting
Underneath (383 views)
by Denver Welte
(34 of 42) The power it once held overwhelmed my memories So strong it almost took me I almost let it consume me It confused me to the point of insanity I almost stand above it now firm and strong